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Improve body awareness, movement quality and strengthen your minds and bodies through our fitness classes. We offer Pilates, Chiball, Yoga, Kids Yoga and many other types of classes that can be custom designed for your needs. 


Fluid Balance was established by Adrienn German, Lead Instructor and Owner of Fluid Balance. Adrienn has been teaching community, corporate and small group classes since 2004 and has more than 19 years of movement experience. Adrienn has had a passion for all things physical since childhood.


At school she participated in team sports, particularly swimming and basketball. For 7 years Adrienn performed and traveled Europe, as part of a dance group.  Adrienn moved to Australia in 1999 to be a part of the Sydney Olympic Games and to further develop her English language skills. She completed her studies in Business Management and IT before embarking on the journey to become a qualified Fitness Instructor. Pilates was a natural progression and she completed her first Pilates teacher qualification in 2004. Pilates helped her overcome ankle and lower back injury, and regain her core strength after the birth of her first child. She believes in continuing education, everyday exercise and spending quality time with her family and friends.


In Sydney she had the privilege to train and work with some of the best yoga, dance and Pilates teachers. Her style of teaching is influenced by yoga and contemporary dance. She encourages clients to discover the connection between body, mind and energy to improve body awareness, movement quality. Her classes are described as challenging but fun that always includes stretches, relaxation and breathing exercises. In the past 6 years she taught community and corporate classes and workshops at M.A.T.S (Central Coast), JowGA Kung Fu Academy, Healthy Lifestyle, Balance2Health, RailCorp and Steiner Pilates in addition to running her own classes in the Ryde area. Adrienn is currently completing her Master Trainer certification with ChiBall™ and has worked as a part-time teacher at Meadowbank TAFE Sports&Recreation.

Chiball classes

What is CHIBALL™?
ChiBall™ is a mind-body exercise programme that harmonises the body, balances the mind and calms the spirit.

A ChiBall™ Class consists of an hour’s movement to music that uniquely blends colour, aromatherapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine with a synergy of ancient and modern movement disciplines, Tai Chi, Qi-Gong, Dance, Yoga, Pilates, Relaxation and Meditation.

We will start with a Tai Chi/Qi-Gong warm-up, follow with ChiBall™ Dance and Yoga to improve flexibility, strength, balance and self-awareness. Pilates exercises will bring attention back to centre to improve core strength, whilst toning the whole body.

The class finishes with release exercises and relaxation to promote better breathing and relieve stress. 

You will leave deeply relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to face the world again.

Benefits of Regular Practice

  • Trims, tones and detoxifies the whole body, promoting weight loss

  •  Improves posture, strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness

  •  Improves core stability, reduce lower back pain and risk of injury

  •  Disperses stress and tension

  •  Boosts your immune system

  • Allows you to discover the connection between your mind-body and spirit


GROOVE classes

The Groove Method™ 

GROOVE classes are dance/fitness class where you learn SIMPLE and EASY choreography from a variety of different dance styles (Hip Hop, Urban, House, Jazz, Bollywood, Latin, African, Contemporary, Swing, Disco and many more!).

The choreography is simple (there are not many movements to remember) so that you can dance the moves your own way!   When you get a chance to move in a way that feels good for your body, you get a great workout that's perfect for you!

Dancing is a great way to get active, release energy and have fun!

In GROOVE classes, you can't get it wrong because it's not about following-the-leader...it's about YOU- DANCING for the HEALTH of it!

For more information visit www.groovemethod.com


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